University of Pitesti


Year 2021

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Design of the optimal control for the active suspension

Sorin MARCU, Dinel POPA, Nicolae–Doru STĂNESCU, Nicolae PANDREA


Full paper available.



The collapse modes classification of tubes with different shapes of the cross-section



Full paper available.



Brief review of metamaterials and auxetic materials



Full paper available.



Overview on the use of natural gas in spark ignition engines

Robert Marian POPA, Rodica NICULESCU, Adrian CLENCI, Victor IORGA-SIMĂN


Full paper available.



Overview on the cylinder deactivation techniques

Marcel-Alexandru DRĂGHICI, Victor IORGA-SIMĂN, Adrian CLENCI, Rodica NICULESCU, Florian IVAN


Full paper available.



Application of Markov chains in the ergonomic design of an industrial ventilation system

Daniel-Constantin ANGHEL, Maria Mihaela ISTRATE


Full paper available.



The influence of cutting parameters and tool geometry on cutting force in turning hard materials

Valentin RACASAN, Daniela-Monica IORDACHE


Full paper available.



Perspectives on making and enforcing decisions in an organizational group within a company

Ancuța Mihaela BĂLTEANU, Maria Magdalena DICU


Full paper available.