University of Pitesti


Year 2014

Solutions To Improve Reliability Models Used In Warranty Period

Full paper available.


Alexandru Boroiu, Marius Bīzgă, Claudiu Ursu,  Paul Baru



Studies On The Use Of Thermoelectric Elements For Improving Thermal Confort In Automobile

Full paper available.


Mihai Stăncila, Cristina Andreea ENE,  Mariana Ivănescu , Ion Tabacu, Adrian Cătălin Neacşu


Studies On Infrared Radiation Heating For Increasing Thermal Comfort

Full paper available.


Cristina Andreea ENE, Mihai Stăncila, Mariana Ivănescu, Adrian Cătălin Neacşu


The Increase Of The Geographical Accessibility Of The Territory – A Decision-Making Factor For The Development Of The National Road Network And The Administrative Reorganization Of Romania

Full paper available.


Andrei Alexandru Boroiu, Elena Neagu, Gabriela Mitran, Victor Bratu


Optimal Synthesis Of A Harbour Crane

Full paper available.


Ion Ion Guţă


The Dynamic Analysis Of Catalytic Converter

Full paper available.


Ionel Vieru, Viorel Nicolae, Sebastian Pārlac,


Optimisation Of A Complex Junction. Case Study: Valea Cascadelor – Preciziei Junction In Bucharest

Full paper available.


Adrian Vīlcan, Viorel Nicolae, Eugen Ionescu


Bio-Source Composite Materials Used In Automotive Industry

Full paper available.


Alin Hăloiu, D. IOSIF.


The Influence Of Material Characteristics And Altered Geometry Due To Process On The Vibrational Behaviour Of The Brake Disk

Full paper available.


Romeo Ştefan-Ionescu , Gheorghe Petrache, Anghel Chiru

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